Romantic Promises Excerpt

Chapter 1



“Gimme your damn phone. Actually, both of you,” I yelled above the music. I held out my hand and gestured for them to hand their phones over to me. I watched Z and Flynn both hastily type a text on their phones. “We’re at your bachelor party, Flynn. Can you at least take a look at the tits in front of you?” I yelled at him as I waved my hand toward the stage full of strippers swinging from their respective poles.

I glanced back at the stage and noticed Misty doing her signature move. She jumped up, grabbed the pole with one hand and bent backward displaying her gorgeous fake breasts. As she wrapped her other hand around the pole, she tilted her body upside down, spread her legs fully and slid down. Her jet black hair touched the floor before she gracefully arched her back and bent her right leg so her spiked heel could touch the stage first. Fuck, that’s hot.

“I am. I was just telling Mel to have fun,” Flynn huffed as I tore my eyes from the stage to look back at him. He rolled his eyes at me as I grabbed his phone out of his hand. He was annoying the shit out of me already. Clark was on the same page as me and grabbed Z’s phone from his hand, placing it on the small table in between us.

I cupped a hand to each side of my mouth and yelled, “BACHELOR PARTY,” to both of them. Z shook his head, took a swig from his beer and then my little brother flipped me off.

This weekend worked out perfectly for Flynn’s bachelor party since I was called into the corporate office to meet with my boss on Monday. They asked me to visit the office for the week, so I get to write off the entire trip. Well, minus the antics that’ll occur tonight. I know all these drinks and lap dances won’t pass through accounts payable. I’ve tried it before. It turns out “Client Entertainment” needs a little more of an explanation on your expense sheet. Mimi in accounts payable told me she tried to push it through, but Maxine, her boss, said it was a no go. Hey, you never know until you try, right?

I looked around the room, caught the buxom bombshell’s eyes and motioned for little Ms. Candy Cane to come over so I could buy Flynn a lap dance. I watched her hips sway in her tiny black leather G-string as she sauntered toward me. My eyes grazed up her taut lean stomach and full heavy breasts before finally locking eyes with her. She licked her full crimson lips as her blonde hair flowed with her stride. She straddled me, pressing her fantastic fake breasts against my chest as I grinned at her and handed her a fifty.

She leaned in and whispered, “Whatcha want, baby?” Her hot breath on my neck and sweet sexy voice was enough to drive me insane. I made sure to grab her hips, pulling her tight to the hardness pressing against the zipper of my jeans. Her lips curled into a seductive smile as she ground her hips into mine.

I cupped her ass and squeezed firmly. Not wanting to let go, I reluctantly instructed her, “Give my buddy a nice lap dance. He’s getting married in two weeks.”

She glanced over at Flynn and then looked back, giving me an agreeable smile. She gave me another rock with her hips before she stood up, slowly swinging her leg off me. She leaned back down and whispered, “I’m not finished with you yet.” The corner of my mouth curled up in agreement. She strutted over to Flynn, took his beer from his hand and placed it on the table. Then she grabbed both his hands and placed them firmly on her hips as she straddled his lap.

God, I love this place. Touching strippers at any other place will get you tossed out on your ass. Not here. At this place, touching is encouraged so you get horned up and pay for extra time with them in the back.

I don’t get sucked into that sales pitch — well, except for one girl here. I felt a soft hand on my shoulder and I knew it was the one girl I was thinking about. Her perfectly manicured hot pink fingernails were the first thing I noticed, then that yellow flower ring. I smiled as my eyes met her gorgeous hazel eyes. Her long straight brown hair was pulled over to one side, giving her an innocent façade. Kara. I almost let out an audible groan.

Kara has and always will be my favorite girl. Watching her dance is my favorite perk here, although I can get my own private showing anytime I want in my hotel room. Believe me, I make sure to call her every time I’m in town. And no, if you’re thinking I have to pay for her, I don’t. She’s pretty much my friend with benefits — and I call or text to make sure those benefits are face to face whenever possible. I’ve even had her come down to Atlanta several times for friendly visits.

I have to say, she’s also quite the chatty one. That gets her in trouble all the time at work. I feel bad for her so I pay for a lap dance while she talks. What do we talk about? Her desire to find a new job.

She straddled my lap and bit her lip while she put her hands all over me, grinding herself on my hard dick. “I sent out my résumé to fifty places and I got two callbacks, Matty.” She gave a little jiggle bounce that felt fantastic on my cock. “I’ve got an interview at both of them. Aren’t you excited for me?”

I rubbed my arms up and down her back. God, her skin is so fucking smooth and sexy. “That’s fantastic, Kara. I’m so happy for you. When’s your first interview?” I asked pretending to really care. Actually, I do care a little. I like Kara. I like her a lot. I also like the fact that my “niceness” will most likely get me some head.

“Thursday.” Then she tilted her head to the side and gave me a sheepish look. “Do you think you can help me practice for the interview?” Her hazel eyes silently begged me while her long lashes fluttered in a teasing way. How could I say no to that?

“Sure. Are you off Tuesday or Wednesday night?” I asked as I pulled her close and nuzzled her neck, smelling her sweet scent. I gave her a quick kiss on her neck before looking back into her eyes.

She licked her lips and shook her head briefly, tossing her hair out of her eyes, “Both nights.” Her chest rose as the corner of her mouth turned up slightly while pulling in that full bottom lip between her teeth. The manner in which she replied led me to believe she really wanted to prepare.

My eyes grazed down to her breasts and I watched her nipples harden to tight peaks, anticipating my reply. My tongue ran over my bottom lip as I remembered the last time I had my mouth covering her breasts while I sucked on her hard tight pink buds.

My eyes flicked back to hers as I replied, “Well then maybe you should come over both nights to practice.” Two nights in a row with her would really be nice. The last time I helped her with her résumé, she was very grateful. I thoroughly enjoy her gratitude.

Her eyes lit up and her face showed relief that I was going to help her out again. “Perfect. I’ll be over at six again like last time?” She asked as she leaned over and ran her tongue along my ear lobe. I nodded, agreeing to the time and what she was doing to me. “Come with me to the back room,” she whispered huskily. Damn straight I will.

I leaned over to Clark and yelled above the music, “Hey, I’ll be right back. Make sure these idiots don’t do anything stupid.”

Clark nodded his head as Serena straddled his lap. Without taking his eyes off Serena’s eyes, he replied, “Yep. Got it.” Clark ran his hands along the outside of Serena’s thighs.

Kara took my hand and led me around the stage. It was leather night, so all the girls were dressed up like naughty biker chicks. They were all decked out in leather with whips and spiked bands on their wrists. I prefer lingerie night, but I can get into this too. Kara looked back at me knowing I was checking out the chicks on stage. She gave me a knowing grin.

“How come you’re not up there? I thought with your long dark hair, they’d want you up there for this.” I know she prefers to be up on stage dancing.

“They wanted me out here for lap dances,” she replied with a small eye roll. I nodded my head as I glanced down at her smooth sexy ass. Man, I can’t wait to get my hands on her again. I glanced back up to her eyes and she smiled sweetly at me while she squeezed my hand again. She led me to the small office off to the side that the girls use during their breaks to make private phone calls.

I nodded at Eddie, the bouncer with the largest guns I’ve ever seen. His muscles were so huge, any guy would be an idiot to try something stupid. He always stands guard just outside the door and he also has a key to the door, just in case.

He reached out for a hand shake. “Hey Matt. How ya doin?” He asked with a broad smile as I shook his hand.

“I’m doing really well. Thanks for asking,” I exclaimed. He clapped my back and told me to have fun with Kara. “I always do, Eddie.” He gave me a knowing smile while nodding his head.

I followed Kara into the small room and sat down while she straddled my lap and kissed my neck. “I always love being with you, Matty,” she whispered into my ear and then nibbled on it.

I gave a small groan as I quirked up my left eyebrow and smiled, “Oh yeah? Why is that, Kara?”

She kissed my neck softly and then whispered, “Because you’re hot; your voice is so deep and sexy, and you’re always so sweet to me.” She ran one hand under my t-shirt sleeve and her other one went under my shirt along my abs. “I love how tall you are, how blue your eyes are and your fucking muscles are insane.” She pulled back to look me in the eyes and licked her lips. “I may even have a thing for you,” she said with the sexiest lilt to her voice.

“Yeah? Well, I’ve got something for you, Kara,” I teased back as I grabbed her ass and ground my hard cock into her.

I know she likes me as a friend and nothing more than that. We discussed it every time I’m in town and we’re together. Kara is really a good girl, I mean besides being a stripper. She doesn’t sleep around and has been busting her ass to get herself through college during the day. I know most strippers say that so they get more tips, but I’ve actually met Kara on campus to take her out to lunch. Kara is basically my “go to” girl if I don’t pick up anyone else at the bars while I’m in town. She’s always available for me and always more than willing. We have a great time together. Every. Single. Time.

After Kara did an amazing job of working her magic, I stood up and she gave me a hug. “Tuesday, right?”

I kissed her hard showing my appreciation of how fantastic she is every time we get together. “Absolutely. I’m in the penthouse this time,” I told her with a huge smile on my face. Kara is really such a great time.

“Penthouse?” Her eyes lit up as she smiled brightly. “Does it have a huge shower and bathtub?” She asked with excitement in her voice.

I nodded my head knowing all too well what she was asking. “Yeah, bring that same bubble bath you had that one time. We can definitely take a swim.” I’m really looking forward to Tuesday and Wednesday with her even more now.

“I’d love that. Thanks again, Matty, for helping me get another job.” She ran her hand along my chest while smiling shyly.

I grabbed her hand and gave her a charming smile, then I pulled her closer to me and whispered in her ear, “For you Kara baby, anything.”

I returned back to our group and noticed everyone was having a great time, except for the bachelor and his best friend. Clark was even looking a little sullen himself.

“What the hell is going on out here?” I yelled at Clark. He’s usually able to keep the party alive and going. I was pissed. I was only gone for a short while and he couldn’t get the guys wound up.

He shrugged as he rolled his eyes. “They’re being shitheads. Flynn practically pushed Candy off his lap when she started grinding and then she got pissed and stormed off.” There goes my fifty.

I looked over at Flynn and Z. Whipped. Both of them. How any man can let a woman do that to him is beyond me. They’ve got this amazing showcase of hot girls and you’d think they’re looking at dog shit.

“Did your women tell you to act like idiots tonight, or did you two decide to be like this on your own?” I asked as I stood in front of both of them.

Z’s arms were crossed in front of his chest and he shrugged as he looked up at me. “I’d just rather be home with Izzy, that’s all. She’s hotter and has better moves than most of these girls.” The left side of my mouth quirked up in total disgust. He’s so freaking whipped and he hasn’t even been married a year.

“Yeah, listen Matt, why don’t we just go back to Z’s place since the girls are staying at mine tonight? We can just hang out, get drunk and play cards,” Flynn suggested, not really looking me in the eyes. I was pretty sure Mel had a fit about the bachelor party, especially since I’m hosting it. She probably gave him the riot act about girls rubbing themselves all over him. Now that they finally hooked up, she wasn’t about to let anything tear them apart.

I sighed and ran my hand through my hair, frustrated that might actually be what he wants. It’s his bachelor party and if that’s what he’d rather be doing, then I have to compromise — especially since I remember how Z’s bachelor party ended. We all wound up in jail from a bar fight. Plus, I didn’t feel like having to explain another black eye to everyone at the office on Monday.

“Alright. Everyone up. Let’s get out of here, if that’s really what you want, Flynn.” His brown eyes lit up as he smiled and stood up.

“Yep. That’s what I want,” he said as he grabbed his phone off my table. Z immediately did the same and both idiots checked their text messages. I shook my head, disgusted at how they could be so wrapped around their women’s fingers.

Clark huffed as he gave Serena a kiss on her cheek and told her he’d call her soon. Derek, Mark, Alex and Ricky all looked pissed off as they finished their beers and we headed out the door to grab a couple of cabs.

“We’ll head over to the hotel since I’ve got a suite this time. There’s plenty of room at the penthouse to play cards and drink.” And maybe I’ll hire several strippers to entertain us while we’re there. The gang still looked disappointed, but nodded in agreement. Most of them were married, except Mark and Clark, and were really looking forward to this night. It should have been a wild night like all the other bachelor parties, but this bachelor party was looking like it was turning into a drag really quick. I couldn’t let that happen.

I told the guys to wait for me while I ran back into the strip joint. I talked to the owner, asking him to send over several girls. Hey, if Flynn and Z don’t want to look, at least the rest of the guys can. I wasn’t going to be part of a shitty bachelor party. I’m known for throwing the best bachelor parties. My reputation was on the line.

After agreeing on a price and time frame, I ran back out to the cabs everyone had already piled into. I tried to get Kara, but the owner wanted to call strippers who weren’t already working tonight and he said he needed Kara in there. I wasn’t pleased, but I’ll take one for the team. It didn’t take us long before we were back at my penthouse with more liquor than we knew what to do with.

We ordered pizzas, started drinking and playing cards. After a couple of hands, I noticed Z and Flynn kept exchanging nervous glances so I decided to call them out on it. “What’s with the looks you two are giving each other? You worried about something? Izzy and Mel aren’t here and we left the strip joint. What’s the problem now?” I gruffly asked.

Flynn swallowed and then nervously glanced around the room. “Umm, well, I wasn’t sure if I should tell you or not, but I don’t want you to be surprised in a couple of weeks at the wedding.

“Surprised by what?” I asked as I took a drink of my beer.

Flynn quickly looked back at Z again. He took a deep breath once my brother nodded his head to Flynn, prompting him to tell me. “Stephanie RSVP’d ‘yes’ to the wedding. Stephanie and her husband.”

I took another drink from my beer and tried to appear unaffected by what he just told me. I shrugged nonchalantly even though my stomach took a nose dive. “Good. That’s good. It’ll be great to see her again after all these years.”

“I wasn’t going to invite her, but you know her parents were invited since we all grew up together. Mom insisted that Stephanie be invited too,” Flynn continued to explain as his eyes darted around the room, not looking me in the eyes.

“No problemo. No worries.” I tried to change the subject since it was my turn to bet. “I raise you twenty,” I stated as I threw my bill into the center, glancing over at Clark since it was his turn. My heart was beating frantically and I felt sick to my stomach, but I’d never let the guys know that. Thankfully, we continued to play cards and ignored what was just said.

Fuck. I knew the day would come that I’d have to see Stephanie again, but I just didn’t want it to actually happen. No one knew I still kept tabs on her through the internet. She’s married now and had a little girl not too long ago. I want to say I’m happy for her, but that would be pushing it.

She left for her college and we wanted our relationship to continue long distance. We promised each other we would make it work no matter what. I kept my end of the bargain.

I decided to surprise her one weekend. She always teased me that I needed to be more romantic and I wanted to prove to her I could be. I had it all planned out. I had a room set up at a hotel nearby set up with rose petals from the door to the bed, champagne was chilling in a bucket near the bed and I even bought one of those stupid promise rings like a dumbass. I surprised her all right. A guy opened the door insisting he was her boyfriend. I was just about to knock the asshole out when Stephanie rushed into the hallway telling me it wasn’t a great time for a visit. I pretty much stormed off, pissed that she had taken me for a fool. I didn’t bother waiting for her explanation.

I got up to grab another beer and to get away from the table as memories of Stephanie kept flooding my brain. Thankfully, I heard a knock on the door right after I pulled a beer from the fridge. I smiled to myself, knowing it would be a nice distraction from my thoughts of Stephanie. My smile brightened knowing this would cause a little stir in Flynn and Z’s happy little world.

I opened the door and not only saw Diamond and Sunset, but about twenty other people. I had no idea who they were, but that was fine by me. I needed to get this party started and have some fun. I needed to forget that I would see Stephanie in a couple of weeks. My heart was caught in my throat just thinking about her again.

I opened the door wider, stepped to the side and shouted, “Come on in! Let’s get this party started!”

Flynn and Z started huffing and moping again like a couple of whipped guys, but once the others guys’ attitudes perked up they quickly got over it.  We turned up the music and let the party begin. We made sure to put all that alcohol we bought to good use. Pretty soon even more people arrived and the party really exploded. I looked around the room and smiled. Dancing, body shots, a poker game in the corner of the room, people in and out of the bedroom – now this is a bachelor party, I thought to myself.

That was the last thing I remembered until the next morning. Well, not the last thing actually. I vaguely remember the manager knocking on the door asking us to keep it down. I calmed him down putting a drink and a Benjamin Franklin in his hand as I pulled him in through the door. This wasn’t the first time I’ve ever had a party like this at his hotel.

I woke up the next morning on the bed in just my jeans, next to a blonde naked chick sleeping on her stomach. My hand was resting on her gorgeous firm ass. I gave her a nice little squeeze and she groaned as I sat up slowly. “Matt, don’t get up. I don’t want to leave just yet.”

“You don’t have to leave, baby. I need to go check out the damage. I can barely remember last night,” I whispered to her as I leaned over and gave her a kiss on her cheek. I might as well at least pretend I remember being with her.

“Eww, don’t kiss me Matt. Sarah will get pissed.” Sarah? I looked around the room and noticed several other people passed out on the floor. I saw a girl across the room laying on some pillows, but I didn’t recognize her. I wondered if that was Sarah. If I wasn’t with whatever this girl’s name is, then who the hell is Sarah?

As if she could read my mind, the naked blonde told me, “Matt, Sarah is the one you said you wouldn’t mind marrying last night. You were talking about some girl named Stephanie who broke your heart and that you might as well get married too since everyone else is doing it.” I cocked my left eyebrow up and felt my stomach churn.

“I said that?” Damn, I’ve got a big mouth. I wondered if the guys heard that. I sure hope not. I’d never hear the end of that and I wasn’t looking forward to them harassing me.

A tall brunette came out of the bathroom in faded jeans and a red bra. Her hair had that freshly fucked look. I sure hope that’s Sarah. No wonder why I said I’d marry her. She sauntered towards me with a sexy smile and sat down next to me on the bed. She leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Damn, Matt, no one has ever fucked me that hard before.” Visions of bending her over the sink, slamming her against the bathroom wall and finishing us both off in the shower replayed in my mind. Man, that was hot.

I smiled, grabbed her hand and pulled her up with me to stand. I led her back into the bathroom for another round of that vision. Actually, one I could remember a little better.

Sarah and I came out of the bathroom and heard several groans from various people lying on the floor. We stepped over all of them to make our way out to the living room.

The place looked like a hurricane came through. I noticed two broken lamps, couch cushions were ripped apart leaving stuffing all over the place and, even more astounding, a carpet was laid across the huge dining room table. Well, this was going to be a tough one to explain to housekeeping. I’m glad I know the maids pretty well. No, not in a sexual way; I’m just a good tipper when it comes to housekeeping. I’ll have to call Lisa and Mary for some help. Crap. Unless the manager is still around here. I glanced around the living room looking for Mr. Miller. I let out a disgusted groan when I found him – naked and sprawled out on his back, showing all that God gave him. Or rather what God didn’t give him.

“Gross,” Sarah mumbled as she glanced over at the same repulsive body that I was looking at.

I chuckled and looked back at her. Her face was scrunched up showing me how disgusted she was. “Yeah, baby, close your eyes. I don’t want that to be the last vision you have in your head when you leave.”

She smiled really sexy as she bit her lip and whispered, “Don’t worry. The only thing I’ll remember was our amazing time together.” Yeah, that’s right baby. I kissed her as I took her hand to lead her to the door. We stepped into the hallway and she leaned back against the wall. I placed my hands flat on the wall on each side of her head and bent down to kiss her. Damn, her lips are so soft and sweet. I pulled back and smiled at her. She felt around my pocket for a second before finding my phone. She slowly pulled it out as she glanced back up at me, nibbling on her bottom lip. I could tell she was unsure about putting her number in my phone. I smiled, nodding my head as I typed in my password and opened my contacts. Handing it back to her, I let her type in her number into my contacts. I definitely want to call her. Very soon. Her eyes lit up after I took my phone back from her, slipping it back into my pocket and kissed her again, this time more aggressively. I definitely used more force in this kiss, wanting to make sure she remembered our night. Well, she probably remembered more than I do, but at least I’ll remember our escapade this morning.

“Matt! You son of a bitch! Where the fuck is Flynn?” I stopped kissing Sarah and put my forehead to hers as I groaned, listening to Mel yell at me. Shit. Did one of them call her? I hadn’t even tried to look for Flynn or Z before I came out here with Sarah.

“Who’s she?” Sarah looked at me with her brows pulled together as we both briefly glanced at Mel walking towards us. She looked exhausted as if she hadn’t slept all night, her jeans were wrinkled and the t-shirt she wore looked like it was Flynn’s. Her hair was in a ratted ponytail and her bright blue eyes looked red and swollen. She’s such a gorgeous woman, but you’d never know that looking at her right now. I had a small pang of guilt hit me looking at Mel so obviously torn up worrying over last night.

“The bachelor’s fiancée,” I whispered into her mouth as I gave her another soft kiss.

“This was a bachelor party?” Sarah asked innocently. I smiled against her mouth. She’s so pretty.

I turned to see Mel with her arms crossed and tapping her foot as if I were the devil himself and she was ready to battle. “You better get going Sarah. I’ll call you soon. Very soon,” I said with a grin. She gave me a quick kiss, slid from under my arms and I watched her walk down the hallway. Yeah, I’ll definitely be calling her.

“I’m still standing here, Matt. I want an answer. Is there something I shouldn’t see in there? If I walk in there right now will he have some slut draped over him?” Mel asked as she glared at me. Man, she can be unpleasant when she’s pissed. Poor Flynn.

I was hoping that:

A. Mel is loud enough that Flynn heard her and is removing himself from any activity he may have been engaged in or what may look like he was engaged in. Or,

B. That I stall long enough so that he comes out here to save me.

“It was just a party last night, Mel. It wasn’t any different than our usual parties,” I told her as I tried one of my cute smiles, hoping that my charisma would hold her over. It didn’t. She glared at me and smacked my arm as she stormed past me throwing the door open. I walked in behind her and quickly scanned the room looking for Flynn and Z.

“Holy shit. What the hell happened in here?” She cried out.

I continued to search the room, hoping to find Flynn before she did. I let out a sigh when my eyes spotted him sleeping, slumped down in a dining room chair with his head all the way back and his mouth wide open. I glanced to the seat next to him and my brother was in the same position. There is a God.

I threw my arm out gesturing to where the guys were. “See Mel. The guys were good. They’re right over there. They were observing all night,” I said as convincingly as I possibly could, as if I knew where they were the whole time. She glowered back at me, her eyes barely opened.

“You are so fucking lucky. If…”

I interrupted her, “They were good all night long and just wanted to play cards and get drunk. The rest of us wanted…this,” I insisted. I watched her exhale and her shoulders relaxed when she stared into my eyes and saw that I was telling the truth.

Just then we heard moaning and groaning coming from the bathroom. A woman’s voice shrieked, “Oh, God! Yes, Clark! Harder! Fuck me so hard, Clark!” I glanced back at Mel, who rolled her eyes as she started walking over towards Flynn.

The noises continued from the bathroom, waking most of the bodies that were scattered all over the floor. It could have been a scene from some horror movie as I watched the “dead” rise while groaning and moaning, listening to the porno in the background.

Just then, Izzy came walking through the door wearing a white tank top and jeans. She looked fresh, as if she had a great night sleep. She glanced around and laughed, shaking her head. She walked over to me and gave me a hug. “Thanks for keeping them safe. You’re lucky I didn’t tell Mel about the strippers coming to the party until this morning.”

“Did the guys call you? How’d you find out?” I knew the guys probably sent her a text, but I thought I’d just ask.

“Kara called me.” She glanced back at me and noticed my questioning look. She gave me a small shrug and added, “It’s a girl thing.”

Kara? I was surprised she knew her so I asked, “How do you know Kara?”

“She comes in to Allure all the time. She’s trying to hang around guys in the corporate world and move away from the stripper lifestyle. I’ve tried to hook her up with a couple of classier guys.” I had to chuckle about Kara hanging out at my brother’s bar with a different crowd so she could get into the business world. It just sounded like something Kara would do.

I chuckled as I asked, “So you kept it from Mel all night?”

“Yep. I didn’t feel like dealing with her ticked off throughout the night,” Izzy scoffed as she shrugged, giving a half smile. “As is, she paced back and forth all night long. She probably scuffed up the hardwood floors.” Izzy looked over at Z sleeping in the dining room chair and nodded her head towards him. “Did he sleep like that all night?”

“I guess. I wasn’t really paying that much attention.” I gave her a grin as she shook her head. She knew I didn’t babysit them all night. I wasn’t about to lie to Izzy. She’s a pretty cool sister-in-law and I respect her too much.

She exhaled a deep breath and walked over to Z, then looked back at me with a teasing smile as she wiggled her eyebrows up and down. I had to watch this because I knew that smile meant she was about to mess with my brother. I watched her quickly straddle Z’s lap and excitedly bounce up and down as she dramatically screamed out, “Oh baby! You’re so hot! Do me again, baby!”

Zs eyes flew open as he jumped out of his seat from being woken so abruptly, almost dropping Izzy off his lap. His facial expression made me laugh; it was a mix of shock and worry as if he were afraid he had a stripper on his lap. As soon as he saw Izzy, his facial expression changed immediately to relief and a loving smile for his wife. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her softly. “You scared the shit out of me, Iz.” Izzy giggled and kissed him back.

I tried to stop watching, but it was tough. I’m still so happy for my brother and Izzy that they found each other. Izzy grew up with some tough times in her life. She met Z after she left her fucked up ex. Z had his own troubles of crazy exes, too. I was thrilled for both of them when they were finally married. It’s nice to see that some people find love. Of course, I had two couples in front of me proving that theory. I’m glad it works for some people. Unfortunately, not everyone finds that.

Mel stood up holding Flynn’s hand and pulled him to standing. “Come on, Flynn. Let’s go home,” she said softly with a content smile. I could tell she was relieved this night was over and that her fiancé wasn’t caught cheating or in jail. Flynn nodded, his eyes barely opened, as he yawned and rubbed the back of his neck. He looked over to me and smiled.

“Thanks, Matt. I had a great time.” I grinned, happy that he’d remember a fun bachelor party instead of just another night playing cards and getting drunk. My reputation is still intact.

The girls each gave me an appreciative hug that their boys were still safe and not too trashed. When they were finally gone, I turned around and yelled for everyone to get up and get the hell out.

Mr. Miller finally got dressed and we discussed my discretion of his antics and he agreed to find replacements for all the damaged items. Whatever couldn’t be replaced, I could pay for in cash separately so my company would never see the charges on the bill. Win–win for both of us.


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