Alluring Promises Series

Promises, Promises and Romantic Promises are listed under Author Janice Baker.


I’m writing as fast as I can! I understand the frustration of popping over to an author’s site looking for the next book (I’m a reader too, remember!).

I decided to go ahead and create the series and add the titles to my website – for both of us! I’ll post updates to my blog as the books near publishing time.

At this time (subject to change!), the series will be in this order:

Promises, Promises – Izzy and Z’s story

Romantic Promises – Vanessa and Matt’s story

Breathless Promises – Aubrey and Clark’s story

I am working on a title for Mel and Flynn’s story as I think they need an update too! 🙂

Thank you so much for your patience!

As I’ve written previously, Promises, Promises was “supposed” to be a stand alone! Life changes all the time and so do plans! I’ll go with the flow!

Love y’all and thanks for stopping by!

Promises, Promises:


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Romantic Promises:





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Breathless Promises:



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