Black Friday Sale!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving! As of right now, we’re prepping the our food and getting ready for the huge feast.

I thought I would go ahead and post this just a little early. Both Promises, Promises and Romantic Promises, the first two books in the Alluring Promises series are on sale for only $.99 each! This sale only lasts until Saturday, so grab them now!

Also, my erotic romance novella, The Naughty Au Pair, is FREE! This sale is also until Saturday only!

I really want to thank all of my readers and blogs for all your support. I know everyone is waiting for Breathless Promises and I’m working hard on finalizing the last round of rewrites! Clark and Aubrey’s story is a bit complex and full of twists I hadn’t expected! Hang tight, Breathless Promises is coming soon!

Huge hugs and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal with your families!

Josie ❤

Black Friday Ad

Promises, Promises:

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Romantic Promises:

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The Naughty Au Pair:



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