Here I am.

Well. This is it. My first post as “Josie Bordeaux.” 

(Odd, I know. It feels weird for me too.) 

The decision to move to a pen name was not easy. And yes, in hindsight, I should have done it from the beginning, but being a bit *insert eye-roll* — okay, really proud — of writing my first book, I wanted my name on it. 

Now, fast forward to two books and a novella later when I started to sway more to “I should have gone with a pen name.” 

That is where I find myself now, but what’s done is done and I can only look forward.  

While I know most authors would just continue on, this is a decision I am making for personal reasons with my future in mind.

Yep, I realize after I phase out from “Janice Baker,” that name will still be out there. And that’s okay too. It just won’t be as apparent or as easy to find unless you’re actually looking for it.

I’ll admit, this decision has been really tough — It’s basically starting all over again. Except this time, I have a lot of friends – authors, bloggers and readers – who understand why I’m doing this and are excited for me.

Before you ask:  Will I write Clark’s book – Breathless Promises? And under which name? 

Yes, I am currently working on Breathless Promises (Clark’s story) for the Alluring Promises Series. It will be under “Janice Baker” in order to complete the series (and make it easier for you to find!) 

Once Josie Bordeaux gains more readers, I’ll eventually switch the series or create a box set for The Alluring Promises Series under Jos’ name, but that’s later on down the road!


I am excited about this change and if you followed me over – thank you. Sincerely, I mean that.

It means the world to me that you’ve followed me on all my social media “places” and knowing you will continue to follow me under my new name is very heartwarming. 

Please remember – it’s still “me.” I still write the same way as I did with my Alluring Promises series – the only change is the name on the covers.


Jos (aka, Janice Baker)

New Facebook Page: Josie Bordeaux

Twitter: @josiebordeaux



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